Increasing Restaurant's Profitability with Butchery

We help kitchen staff and chefs improve their restaurant's profitability through butchery. We provide on-site classes & training for restaurants, or a mobile butchery service where we butcher for you.

Why use butchery to drive profitabilty?

  • Protein butchery is a foundational way to reduce food costs & increase the quality of your menu items.
  • Restaurants miss opportunities & lose profits when they use pre-cut proteins.
  • Don't miss out on developing menu items around bi-product cuts.
  • Better food at a lower price means it's easier to fill your restaurant.
  • The more you sell, the more impactful butchery will be on your bottom line.

How we help you with butchery:

You can hire Jeff Kipp & his team to perform your butchery every week, or you can schedule a training class to teach your kitchen staff the best ways to impact your profitability with butchery.

Mobile Butcher Services

We can butcher for you in Minnesota & Western Wisconsin.  Get all the benefits of butchery without the headaches.  Hire us to deliver excellent results & profitability for an easy, flat rate, every week.

Butchery Training Classes for Staff

We'll provide training for your kitchen & ownership staff on how to order, butcher & increase profits by controlling your proteins.

Benefits We Provide to Restuarants

Make your kitchen staff more valuable.

Drive liquor sales by lowering entree prices.

Provide better food at a better price.

Deliver better quality cuts of protein.

Improve your margins & reduce food costs.

Stand out from the local competition.

Unlock the power of your people.

Dampen the impact of inflation & labor costs.

Make simple tactics easy to implement.

Our Process

1 - Connect

We start with a virtual or in-person conversation about the current state of your restaurant, profitability & food costs.  We want to see if we're a good fit and chat about opportunities.

2 - Analysis

After connecting, we take a deep dive into your P&L, food costs, and menu, to find opportunities. Our goal is to provide simple, effective tactics that will make an immediate and long term impact.

3 - Recommendations

After we analyze your numbers, food costs and processes, we'll come up with our recommendations.   We're all about adding value, and every interaction will leave you with tangible opportunities to improve.

4 - Schedule

Whether you decide to sign up for a training class, or if you decide to hire Kipps Custom Cuts to perform the butchery for you, we make it easy to implement the changes we identify for your business.

Why is Butchery So Impactful on Profitability?

When there are more people in your restaurant, your liquor sales skyrocket

You can be more competitive in your market by providing better food at a better price.  

Nothing helps you serve better, more affordable foods than taking control of your butchery, while learning the game-changing science of seasonal ordering.

We help kitchen staff & owners make simple, game-changing tactical adjustments in their food ordering to be more profitable.

Butchery Training Topics Include:


  • Ribeye
  • Top Sirloin
  • Fillet Mignon Tenderloin
  • Simple Pork Chops
  • Salmon
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  • Ordering - how much to order
  • Aging
  • Quality
  • Profitability
  • Seasonal Wisdom & Profiteering
  • Bi-product menu creation & profits
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We know how to help restaurants and their staff increase profitability & build a better business through the simple craft of butchery.