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My name is Jeff Kipp, and I've spent my life pursuing excellence in some of America's finest dining establishments.   I bring my passion for restaurants & cuisine together at Kipps's Custom Cuts.

Our Story

Simple, effective, affordable classes & consulting.

I've tried to keep this simple, because I know how our industry is struggling through pandemics, labor costs, rent, and food expenses.

After decades of restaurant & chef experience, I've compiled the best, most important lessons from the industry into a game-changing class and service.

I've found that after connecting with dozens of owners & chefs, there's always opportunity to impact the business through butchery, protein ordering, and training.

If you're ready to make simple, clear steps toward lower food costs, better food, and increased profitability, then give me a call or reach out for a connection.

Jeff's Resume





Bouchon Bistro

Sous Chef with Thomas Keller


Executive Sous Chef with Micheal Mina group.

The Butcher & The Boar

Served as Chef De-Cuisine and then promoted to executive chef.

The Cove

Executive Chef menu and kitchen design.

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